How To Buy A Pickup That Isn't A Gas Guzzler

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When shopping for a pick-up truck there are several factors that you must take into consideration before you sign on the line. What do you plan to use the truck for? Will you be hauling heavy loads? Will you be towing a utility or travel trailer? How many passengers will you need to transport and how big are they? Do you plan to use the truck off-road or in poor weather conditions? I created this blog to include all of the determining factors that you should consider when buying your next truck to ensure that you get one that is capable of doing everything you want it to do.

How To Buy A Pickup That Isn't A Gas Guzzler

1 September 2015
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There are a lot of great things about pickup trucks, and there are a lot of things that you can do with pickup trucks that you can't do with other vehicles. However, one thing that you might not love about driving a pickup truck is the fact that these vehicles can often guzzle a lot more fuel than their automobile counterparts. Although it's true that most trucks do use more fuel than cars, you aren't destined to spend your life at a gas pump just because you purchase a truck. If you follow these tips when you are shopping for a truck, you can help ensure that you make the right decision in regards to fuel economy.

1. Consider a Newer-Model Truck

Older pickup trucks are pretty well known for using a lot of fuel. This is because they are often heavier than newer-model vehicles. Plus, the same technology for fuel conservation wasn't available in years past as it is now. This is why you may want to consider investing in a newer-model truck.

2. Skip the Four-Wheel Drive

Many people would't imagine purchasing a truck without four-wheel drive, but a lot of these same individuals never actually use it. If you live in a climate that requires you to drive in the ice and snow a lot, or if you do a lot of towing or off-roading, then you might need four-wheel drive capabilities. If you don't and usually keep your vehicle on the road in normal driving conditions, then you should skip the four-wheel drive. These systems are super-heavy and can cause your truck to use a lot more fuel, even when they aren't in use. Plus, they can drive up the purchase price significantly.

3. Go a Little Smaller

A lot of pickup truck lovers are immediately drawn to the biggest trucks on the lot. However, you should consider if a huge truck is really something that you need. Smaller pickup trucks can work well for hauling basic things and performing the same tasks as a big truck, so unless you specifically need a big truck and truck bed, you should consider going a little smaller to save on fuel.

As you can see, you don't have to automatically end up with a fuel-guzzling vehicle just because you love pickup trucks. If you are willing to make a few compromises, you can find a truck that won't use a ton of fuel but that will still suit your needs.

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