3 Ways To Save Money On Your New Car

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3 Ways To Save Money On Your New Car

17 September 2015
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Is it time for a new car? If so, but you are on a budget then you are likely concerned about the type of car you can get within that budget. Before you apply for an auto loan or stress about the cost of buying a new car, you may want to consider tips that can make buying a new car more affordable. There are many ways to avoid paying top dollar for your new car, such as:

Trade in Your Current Car:

You may be surprised by what you can get from your dealership for trading in your current car. Not only will this eliminate the stress and time that it takes to sell your car to a private party buyer, but based on the value amount that your dealer determines, your car price to be will also be applied towards your down payment. This means if you are lucky enough to get a few thousand dollars for your current car, you can use this as a very big down payment. With a big down payment, you can likely receive much better loan conditions from a lender, which means you'll likely have lower interest rates and this will make your monthly payments more reasonable.

Get a Co-Signer for the Right Reasons:

If you want to be sure that you are getting the lowest possible payment for your new car then you may want to consider a co-signer. A co-signer can be extremely helpful, as their income and credit score can potentially get you a car loan that has much lower interest rates, a longer loan term, and minimum down payment requirements. This can make buying a new car much easier and more affordable.

Understand The Street Value of The Car:

If you haven't looked into the street value of the car that you want then definitely be sure that you wait before signing any paperwork. You always have the right to negotiate the price of a car so definitely be sure that you are taking advantage of any negotiating power that you may have. If you know for a fact that the sticker price on the car is higher than the actual market value then stand your ground and offer under the value amount. So, by offering lower than the market value, the car dealer will likely counter-offer for a price that is closer to what the average market price is. This can potentially save you hundreds if not thousands on the original asking price that the dealership had in the beginning.  

With these three tips, you will find it more enjoyable to shop for your new car (at dealerships like Bob Sight Ford), as you may have luck finding and buying a car well within your budget. Not only will this make car-buying more enjoyable, but it can definitely relieve some stress as you can save a great deal of money by taking advantage of these tips.