A Guide To Understanding The "As Is-No Warranty" When Shopping At Used Car Dealerships

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A Guide To Understanding The "As Is-No Warranty" When Shopping At Used Car Dealerships

18 March 2016
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Throughout much of the country, there is no doubt that driving your own vehicle is more convenient than depending on public transportation or taxi services. However, the recent recession and the slow recovery that has also been seen throughout much of the country has left many people careful about acquiring new debt. Therefore, the option of buying a reliable and affordable car from a used car dealership has become even more appealing to many people. Therefore, it is essential to be fully informed about the warranty options that are available when choosing your new-to-you vehicle.

Understand What Rights The FTC Gives You

Unless you live in Maine or Wisconsin, where similar laws are already in place, it is a good idea to shop at a used car dealership that sells at least five used cars in a twelve month period. That is because the Federal Trade Commission has laws in place that impact the knowledge and rights that you have when you buy a used vehicle from that type of facility. 

Specifically, a Buyer's Guide must be provided that clearly states whether or not the vehicle has a warranty of any type and the amount of money that the dealer will pay if any repairs become necessary.  In addition, that document will also advise you to have the vehicle looked at by a mechanic who is not associated with the dealership and who can advise you on any known mechanical or electrical problems with the car,   

The Details Of The "As Is-No Warranty" Option

Although it seems as if buying an "As Is" warranty on your car from a dealer means you have the sole responsibility of paying for repairs if it becomes necessary, it is important to note if the vehicle in question is of a specific age and is being sold for under a certain price, both of which vary from one year to the next.  In addition, this type of warranty also must educate any prospective buyers that the vehicle is safe as usable at the time of the sale or provide evidence about the issues that prevent the car from being legal and safe to drive, complete with accompanying paperwork.

Although the protections associated with an "As Is-No Warranty" are a bit more than its name actually implies, you should still investigate the purchase. If you find a great deal from a used dealership that offers this option, remember to get a second opinion by a trusted mechanic, as the Buyer's Guide suggests.  Ultimately, buying from a used car dealership is typically a convenient option that allows you to save time and money when you need a new-to-you car. 

In conclusion, the convenience and reliability associated with owning and driving your own safe vehicle are obvious. If you are like most people today and need to benefit from the use of your vehicle for as long as possible, it will be very helpful to consider buying a used car from a reliable dealership that features the most appropriate warranty for your needs.

Speak with used car dealerships in your area to learn more.