4 Things You Should Do Before Selling An Old Car For Cash To A Junkyard

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4 Things You Should Do Before Selling An Old Car For Cash To A Junkyard

5 July 2016
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If you want to sell an old car for cash to a junk yard, there are a few things that you should do first to ensure that you get the most money for your vehicle and have a smooth selling experience.

#1 Get Your Title Together

Selling your vehicle to a junk yard does not absolve you of the responsibility of finding and signing over the title to your vehicle. You will need to sign over the title of your vehicle to the junkyard when you sell them your vehicle. Many junk yards will not accept your vehicle without the title. Giving your vehicle away without the title puts you at risk; unless you sign over the vehicle, you technically still own it, and if anything happens to it, you will be liable for the actions of your vehicle.

#2 Remove All Personal Items

Make sure that you check everywhere for personal items before you sell your vehicle. Make sure that you check under the floor mats, behind the visors, inside of the glove box, inside of all door storage compartments, inside the CD player and inside any trunk storage compartments for items that belong to you. 

Make sure that you take out the insurance cards you carry in your car as well; your insurance cards contain your personal information that you don't want ending up in the hands of some random person.

Once you sell the car to the junkyard, they make break it up for scrap parts right away, so you probably will not get a second chance to remove a personal item you left behind.

#3 See If There Are Any Valuable Components You Can Sell Individually

If you have expensive parts on your vehicle, you may want to consider selling them individually, especially if the junk yard only wants to scrap the metal in your vehicle. For example, if you recently put on expensive tires, you may want to remove those and sell them separately, or, if you have an expensive stereo system, you may want to remove it and sell it separately.

If you chose to go this route, just let the junkyard know that your vehicle will be missing those components.

#4 Take Off The License Plate

Finally, you need to remove the license plates from your vehicle. Depending on what state you live in, you may need to turn in your license plate to your department of motor vehicles. Some states let you keep your license plate and transfer it to another vehicle. Either way, you'll want to remove your license plate before you leave your vehicle with the junkyard.

Selling an old car to a junkyard is a little different than selling it to a private seller or trading it into the dealership. Make sure that you follow the four tips above to ensure the sale goes smoothly.