In The Market For A New Compact Car This Winter? What Are Your Best Options?

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In The Market For A New Compact Car This Winter? What Are Your Best Options?

3 October 2016
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If your current subcompact or compact vehicle seems to be nearing the end of its usable life, or if you feel as though your family has finally outgrown your cramped car for long trips, you may be investigating your options. With concerns about some manufacturers fabricating emissions data while others have active recalls on exploding airbags, it's possible you're quickly drawn to the reliable and scandal-free Toyota. Read on to learn more about some of Toyota's redesigned 2017 models, as well as what you'll want to consider when timing your new vehicle purchase this winter. 

Which 2017 Toyota could be right for you?

Toyota has long built its brand around the classic workhorse sedans and compacts -- the Avalon, Camry, and Corolla. In fact, the Corolla is the third best-selling car in the U.S., and it looks as though the 2017 model upgrade will continue this trend. Although the Corolla has never been the most exciting vehicle, even among Toyota lovers, its "beige" reputation camouflages a zippy engine, responsive handling, and a well-appointed interior. The added safety features (from alarms that alert you when you begin to drift into the adjacent lane to automatic braking when you begin following a vehicle too closely) can ensure you and your family members remain secure while traveling, even if others on the road don't exercise as much care as you do.. 

When should you purchase your new vehicle?

Although these 2017 models have already hit dealer lots, in many cases it can make sense to postpone your purchase until the holiday season. During the post-Christmas lull, car sales tend to lag and salespeople are anxious to meet their monthly and annual quotas so that they'll be eligible for bonuses (even if they don't make money on one specific sale), so you may be able to get a vehicle at a lower cost than would be available during other times of the year. 

If your local dealer has sufficient inventory, you may also want to consider purchasing a 2016 model with low or no miles. These models are just as reliable as the brand-new 2017s, but should be much cheaper -- and dealers are anxious to get them off their lots (and books) to make more room for 2017s. Combining a willingness to purchase last year's model with holiday season vehicle shopping can allow you to purchase a brand new Toyota for a comfortably low monthly payment. Check out a dealership like Milton Ruben Toyota to get started shopping.