Going On Tour: What To Look For In A Used Tour Bus

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Going On Tour: What To Look For In A Used Tour Bus

15 December 2016
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Being in a band or theatre group is a lot of fun, especially when you finally gain enough of a following that you can go on tour. While you are still on the way to making it big, you may not have the finances you need to buy a fancy, brand new tour bus, but you're in luck: there are many used options available that can serve your needs just fine. Here are things you should look for when buying a used bus for touring so you get a great deal and a rig that will last.

Previous owner care

Unless the previous owner was on tour all throughout the year, their tour bus was likely stored or kept on a property without being driven most of the year. Get as much owner history on a used tour bus as possible, including:

  • whether fluids were drained prior to storage or not
  • if the unit was covered or kept in a garage
  • if the vehicle was serviced prior to being driven after storage

Previous owners should have taken care of the rig while it was not in use by placing covers on interior furniture, having connecting wires to the fridge and electronics disconnected, and having all fluids replaced prior to starting a new season. The better care the vehicle received while not in use, the better performance it would have at the start of a new tour.

Aftermarket additions

The cool thing about tour buses is that each one can be customized with aftermarket parts. The cooler thing about used tour buses is that you can buy a vehicle with the additions already added to it without having to pay the custom price. Look for models that have custom reclining chairs or couches, updated interior design (leather, plush carpeting, etc), track lighting, WiFi, and more.

Usable storage

Space is one factor you need to consider in a tour bus for comfort; storage is another equally important need. You want to make sure that you choose a used model that has ample storage under the carriage and just under the roof for your equipment and personal belongings. You can have additional storage bins strapped to the roof of your used tour bus if you choose a vehicle that lacks extra space.

Buying a used tour bus can be the beginning of your new adventure as a professional entertainer. As you explore your many options, keep your needs and budget in mind. Contact a company like Sawyers Bus Sales to get started.