Keep Your New Subaru Cool This Summer

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Keep Your New Subaru Cool This Summer

28 February 2019
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Is there anybody who looks forward to the summer because they want to feel how warm it gets inside the car? Absolutely not. Your new Subaru should be an escape from the heat, and you can take steps now to ensure that it is. If you just visited a Subaru dealership to purchase a new car, then use these tips to keep your car as cool as possible in the summer months when things start to heat up.

Stock Up on Visors 

Windshield visors are the best forms of protection against the sun if you are looking for a barrier to block direct sunlight. Blocking your windshield can make a huge difference in the way your car warms up. Visors are easy to use and pretty inexpensive, making this a great first step to cool down your Subaru.

If your windshield visor is not enough, a set of seat covers is a good idea too, especially if your car has dark-colored seats or leather.

Tint Your Windows

One of the greatest features you can add to your new car is tinted windows. Tinting gives you darker windows that allow in less sunlight. Many people also like tinted windows because it gives them a bigger sense of privacy when they are inside their vehicles. Just make sure that your tinting is in line with your state's regulations.

Invest in a Small Fan

Some people use solar-powered or USB-powered fans to create more comfortable driving experiences. If it's hot with lots of sunshine, then a solar-powered fan will have plenty of energy to keep running. You can clip your fan right onto a vent so that it blows cool air toward your face.

Consider Remote Start

What's better than being able to start your car before you even get inside it? With remote start, you can turn on your air conditioner and step away from your car, allowing it to cool down securely.

Ensure Your Car Is Maintained

Your car requires maintenance to keep it in working order. If your car doesn't have coolant or water, it can impact more than your comfort. You don't want to be on the side of the road in the heat, the sun beating down, as you wait for a tow truck to arrive.

Getting a new car is a fun and exciting experience. One way to keep the experience as "cool" as possible to prepare your Subaru for the summer. Your new car will provide a place of solace for the season.