Dump Trailer Buying Guide For Landscapers

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Dump Trailer Buying Guide For Landscapers

30 April 2020
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If you operate a landscaping business, then you understand how important your work trailer is. If you are in the market for a new trailer, consider buying a dump trailer. These hydraulic trailers make it quick and effortless to deposit yard waste at the dump or to deliver a load of mulch to a client. The following information can help you pick the right dump trailer for your needs.

What do you plan to haul?

Dump trailers come in two main varieties: light- and heavy-duty. Light-duty trailers are less expensive, but they can't carry much more than lawn trimmings. Most light-duty dump trailers are single-axle and do not feature the powerful hydraulics of a double-axle heavy-duty trailer. The benefit of a heavy-duty trailer is you can carry all lawn waste, as well as gravel, sand, and even machinery like a riding lawn mower. Although light-duty trailers may cost less, the expense of upgrading a trailer once your business starts to thrive could compromise any savings that you might have.

Do you need convertible abilities?

Although a dump trailer is nice, sometimes you need a regular flatbed trailer for a job. You can't easily carry wide pallets of materials with the high walls on a basic dump trailer. Fortunately, there are trailers available that have removable side panels. These can be unlocked and lifted off, providing you with a flatbed trailer when you need it. Although dump trailers with convertible abilities may cost more, it is still less expensive than purchase both a dump trailer and a separate flatbed.

Will you use it for equipment?

If you plan to also haul equipment or heavy materials that can't simply be dumped out, then you need to have a trailer with integrated ramps. These ramps are designed to slide into the trailer bed, where they lock in place when not in use. This way, you can unload equipment and materials without engaging the hydraulic tilt of the trailer bed.

Are you placing tools in the trailer?

You likely need to haul more than just yard waste and landscaping materials; you probably have a fully stocked toolbox as well. If you plan to keep the toolbox in the trailer, then consider a lock-in box. These literally lock to the bottom of the trailer, which means your tools will not go sliding out when you dump the rest of the contents of the trailer out.