4 Different Types Of Custom Car Hauler Semi-Trailers

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4 Different Types Of Custom Car Hauler Semi-Trailers

31 July 2020
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If you need to haul around a vehicle frequently, you may want to invest in a custom car hauler semi-trailer. A custom semi-trailer designed for hauling vehicles will allow you to easily and safely haul your high-value vehicles in a safe environment.

Car Hauler Semi-Trailer Type #1: Stacker Trailer

With a stacker trailer, you can haul more than one vehicle at once inside of an enclosed trailer. A stacker trailer is designed to be as tall as possible, in order to accommodate two vehicles being stored in the vehicle at the same time.

A stacker trailer will have a custom lift that the first vehicle will sit on before it is raised up in the air, allowing room for a second vehicle to be stored under the first vehicle.

Car Hauler Semi-Trailer Type #2: Motorcycle Trailer

Perhaps the vehicles that you need to haul are not cars, but motorcycles. With a custom motorcycle trailer, you will have the space to place your motorcycle and the tools in place to keep your motorcycle secure when you are traveling.

You can add a fold-down ramp in order to make it easy to pull your motorcycle in and out of the trailer. You can add an area for storing extra tires for your bike.

As a motorcycle doesn't take up that much square footage, you can add additional functionality to the trailer as well. You can add a workshop for taking care of the motorcycle or a little cooking and sleeping area so you can pull your motorcycles around the country, have a place to sleep, and take your motorcycles out for rides or shows.

Car Hauler Semi-Trailer Type #3: Race Trailer with Living Quarters

If you take your car around the country for shows and races, you can save a lot of money by having living quarters built into your trailer. The front of the trailer will contain the living quarters, and the back of the trailer will be used to store your vehicle.

With a race trailer with living quarters, you are generally looking at a longer trailer, such as a 44- or 53-foot trailer, although you could have very small living quarters with a 28-foot trailer as well.

If you go for a gooseneck configuration, you can add the sleeping quarters to the area that goes over your trailer. You can add a full kitchen, sitting area, and table. To make the area more functional, you can add slide-outs that will extend the living area when you are parked. You can add a retractable awning to make an enjoyable little porch area when you are parked.

Car Hauler Semi-Trailer Type #4: Bumper Pull Trailer

With a bumper pull trailer, it is all about your vehicle. You can add a premium escape door on the side, that allows you to get out of the trailer another way, and also allows you to showcase your vehicle while keeping it inside the trailer.

You can add a spoiler at the rear with loading lights, adding style and functionality at the same time. You can put in cabinets inside for storing supplies to take care of the vehicle and add a generator for running the lights and providing interior power so you can work on your vehicle.

If you plan on hauling a nice vehicle around the country, invest in a custom trailer that will provide you with all of the functionality that you need.

For more information, contact a custom semi-trailer dealer.