Features That Can Provide Easier Access Into An Elevated Truck

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Features That Can Provide Easier Access Into An Elevated Truck

20 October 2020
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When you shop for a new pickup truck, you'll frequently come across trucks that have elevated bodies. This design can be desirable to a wide range of people. If you plan to use the truck for hunting, fishing, or another type of outdoor recreational pursuit, the elevated design will make it easier to travel across unpredictable terrain. If you're a contractor, you might appreciate this design because certain construction sites may be difficult to navigate with a truck that sits lower to the ground. In order to ensure that you have easy access to your elevated truck, look for a model that offers the following features.

Running Boards

Climbing into the cab of an elevated pickup truck can often be challenging, especially if you have short legs or physical limitations. In order to be able to get in and out of the cab with ease, you should buy a model of truck that has running boards. The presence of running boards makes accessing the cab much easier. Instead of having to step from the ground into the cab, you can place one foot on the running board before climbing in. On some higher-end models, you'll find powered running boards that extend as soon as you open the door and retract once you shut the door.

Tailgate Step

Regardless of how you plan to use your new pickup truck, you'll almost certainly need to climb into the bed of the truck on occasion. When the truck has an elevated body, it can be difficult to lift yourself up onto the tailgate to access the bed. One feature that you'll want to look for is a tailgate step. The design of the tailgate step varies between manufacturers, but it typically consists of a step that you can fold out of the top of the tailgate upon lowering it.

Bumper Step

Not every pickup truck has a tailgate step, but there are other ways that you'll be able to climb into the bed of the truck with ease. Look for a model of vehicle that has bumper steps. Generally, you'll find a bumper step at each end of the rear bumper. These steps are indentations that have a textured surface and are large enough for you to place your foot. Visit your local truck dealership to learn more about new pickup trucks for sale, and don't hesitate to speak to a salesperson to learn more about accessing an elevated vehicle.