Things To Bring With You To The Used Car Dealership When Car Shopping

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Things To Bring With You To The Used Car Dealership When Car Shopping

10 February 2021
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When you buy a used car, you want to be prepared to make a purchase on the spot. Once you find the car you want, it can only be held for so long until you can make a purchase, so it's wise to be ready to sign and drive home your used car at the used car dealership.

Here are things to bring with you to the used car dealership when car shopping. If you're unsure what else you may need or if you want to make an appointment to view vehicles with a used car dealer, call a used car dealership with any questions you have. Your used car dealer will help you create a checklist that can get you into the great car for your needs.

Your work history

If you're going to do auto financing, you need to have proof of a job. Have your work history documentation ready, such as pay stubs and other forms of proof of employment.

Money for a down payment

Bring cash or your checkbook for a down payment on your used vehicle. Your used car dealership may prefer cashier's checks if the amount you're putting down is large or if you want to pay in full for your used vehicle, so ask your used car dealer what they prefer for payment.

Your credit score

You should know your credit score or have information ready regarding your credit so the used car dealership can do a credit pull on you. If you have personal financing for buying a car, you may not need your credit information in order to buy a car at a used car dealer.

Your trade-in vehicle

It's wise to arrive at the used car dealership in the vehicle you want to trade in, so you can leave that vehicle there and go home in your purchased vehicle. Your trade-in vehicle should be totally cleaned both inside and out and have a clear car title ready to be transferred to the car dealership.

Your purchase buddy

Bring another adult driver with you so if you need more than one driver to transport vehicles — and to help you make your car purchasing decisions. Your driver buddy should be someone you can trust to help you choose the best car for your needs and to help you understand the purchase agreements you're potentially signing at the used car dealership. The other driver should be licensed and willing to co-sign on a vehicle with you in the event you need another signature to get an auto loan.