Decisions To Make When You Shop For A Snowmobile Trailer

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Decisions To Make When You Shop For A Snowmobile Trailer

31 October 2022
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Snowmobiling is a popular winter sport in many parts of the country, giving people an opportunity to get outside and enjoy touring around. If you're planning to buy a snowmobile this winter, you'll also need to think about buying a snowmobile trailer. While you can use the snowmobile on its own in your local area, having a trailer will allow you to travel for snowmobiling trips. There are many different snowmobile trailers on the market, so visiting a dealership that carries a lot of trailers will give you plenty of options. You'll need to make these important decisions as you shop.

Open Or Enclosed

All snowmobiles belong to one of two categories — open or enclosed. You can expect to see both styles at your local dealership. Open trailers have a flatbed style, while those that are enclosed have walls and a roof. There is a multitude of advantages to each style. Some people favor open trailers because they're useful for other tasks beyond carrying a snowmobile. Enclosed trailers do a good job of protecting your snowmobile from snow and ice during travel, and can also play a key anti-theft role.


You'll also need to consider what capacity you want your new snowmobile trailer to have. While you might initially think of buying a small trailer that can hold one snowmobile, you should be open to some other options. For example, if you expect that a family member or close friend will soon buy a snowmobile so that they can ride with you, it may make sense to shop for a trailer that can hold two snowmobiles. If you have a group of friends who ride and you like the idea of transporting everyone's snowmobiles, consider a larger-capacity trailer — for example, one that can hold four or six vehicles.

Tilt Or Ramp

Some snowmobile trailers are built to tilt, which means that the back of the trailer will drop toward the ground to allow you to drive your snowmobile onto the deck. Other trailers have stationary decks and require you to load your snowmobile with the help of a ramp. Both styles are useful. The former means that you won't have to carry a ramp around with you, while some people prefer the latter style because there are fewer moving parts that eventually require maintenance. Keep each of these topics in mind when you visit a local dealership to shop for a snowmobile trailer.